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Infamous Graffiti Editor and Phone numbers Empty Infamous Graffiti Editor and Phone numbers

Post by Event Status on Sun Jul 05, 2009 4:17 pm

Phone Numbers:




Well infaous graffiti is located in the infamous space which is a chip on the world map on your PDA

when entering space go through the arch and its on your left

Graffiti Minigame Basics

Well R2 is to spray But be carefull the der you press R2 down on your sixaxis or dualshock 3 then the thicker your line will be and/or get

Up/Down arrows will switch between draw modes

Sqaure is your graffiti menu (graffiti minigame options)

X is your color swatch (color pallete)

circle is the brush editor

When your master peice is finished square to open up options then save and exit

Color Swatch

Now this is a tricky thing to use but i will explain as best as i can

you have 4 different rings each a diffrent shade of color I.E. sky blue blue dark blue etc but not in this sense but its an example

now to move around this ring is confusing so here we go

NOTE: you have your primary and secondary colors here

first of all

Right analogue stick = secondary color

Left analogue stick = primary color

to move outward a ring push up with your right or left analogue stick dependent on what color your changing.

to move inward a ring you push downwards with you corresponding analogue stick.

now to change the color its simple just move your corresponding analogue stick clockwise or anticlockwise on whatever color your wanting

once you have your wanted colors press X and they will be saved

Secondary brushes

Your left analogue stick controls movement of secondary brush when fiddling with this setting and right analogue controls the scale of it for when you spray

X will turn this option on and circle will turn it off

So when you spray if you have your secondary brush to the right of the main circle then the secondary brush will paint the line there automatically for you

Your now ready to DEFACE paint home

Draw Mode

Draw mode is simply tools that are there to help I.E. Shapes letters logos etc

The List of what is available




Lightning Bolt

Speech Bubble







Evil Triumphs

Fight Courageously



Nation In Order




Punish Evil



Pretty much the alphabet but with these characters and numbers
















This is simply using the wall as the background and changing colour


Now These go for each of the tools listed above to move use your left analogue stick and to make bigger and/or wider use your right analogue stick and also rotate the tool

R2 to spray and if you are using the line brush(small Dot) becarefull when pressing R2 as the harder you press the thicker the line

L2 to erase you mistakes (these will happen in order you did brush movements)

NOTE: Not freehand erasement

Now What

Now you know the basics and what their is Get painting and any question's feel free to PM me

also Quite fun to play with

may be adding a bit more to this later

I have shown an example which is also the header for this guide *two birds with the one stone eh*

Other Questions
First of all i will post this from buggie technica about the server problems
For those experiencing issues with the grafitti game and leaderboards, Home is getting absolutely slammed at the moment, causing the server to time-out when attempting to access this stuff.

Hopefully no one loses any artwork But keep in mind, everything should save to the "Pictures" folder of your PS3, so all should not be lost.

Questions and Answers

1. When my picture is saved to the gallery what happens?

Answer : It is also saved to you PS3 HDD and can be used for your picture frames within home and it will be saved to gallery were other home users can vote for it

2. Where does the ingame screenshot picture save to on HDD

Answer : A folder will be created under your images section of PS3 and it will be titled HOME and the screenshots are titled infamous graffiti

3. When saving it stays on connecting to server for 10+ minutes

Answer : This is due to high traffic in on the server and it has caused it to freeze unfortunately your picture is lost and to get rid of this you need to quit the graffiti minigame


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