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Namco Museum Unlockables list Empty Namco Museum Unlockables list

Post by Event Status on Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:48 pm

Get a Cherry
Get a Strawberry
Get to Level 2
Get all 4 ghosts in one power pellet (1600)

Beat Stage 1
Beat Stage 2
Let them catch your Fighter, then get it back
Let them catch Fighter, then destroy your caught Fighter

Get to Stage 2
Get the Carrot on the 1st Stage
Get the Turnip on the 2nd Stage
Crush 2 monsters with the Same Rock

Complete Area 1
Complete Area 2
Find the hidden Sol Citadels (tower)
Find the hidden Flag

Prizes Earned In Namco Museum Beta:
Namco chair
Pooka trophy
Galaga arcade cabinet
Dig Dug arcade cabinet
Pac man arcade cabinet
Xevious arcade cabinet
All-In-One arcade cabinet (get everything 100%)
Pooka t-shirt (red)
Galaga t-shirt
Pac man t-shirt
Xevious t-shirt
Dig Dug cap
Namco Trousers
Namco Sweater


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